Reduction of Failed Induction of Labor Quality Improvement Project

Project Overview

The goal of the Reduction of Failed Induction of Labor QI Project is to reduce failed induction of labor (IOL) among women with indication for induction, and to improve the overall process surrounding induction of labor. The broader goal is the reduction in the rate of cesarean births in Texas, which is 35% of all births in the state (compared to 32% in the US). 

In order to do this, the Collaborative is working on an IOL toolkit. The authors of the toolkit represent three different academic hospitals in the state. Once completed, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) District XI, Texas Chapter, will post the toolkit on its web site, making it available for download to its members.

The toolkit will be implemented more systematically in a pilot project at three Texas hospitals. 


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