Webinars & Presentations – TCHMB

Introduction to MEWS Webinar | Download powerpoint | Watch video

MEWS Triggers and Notifications Webinar | Download powerpoint | Watch video

Presentations from other organizations

Maternal Early Warning Criteria Overview

Maternal Early Warning System: Successfully Implementing and Utilizing an Escalation Plan



TCHMB’s MEWS Gap Analysis | Download PDF

TCHMB’s MEWS Protocol

TCHMB’s Badge Buddy

AIM eModules on MEWS

Tools from other organizations

Maternal Early Warning Signs (MEWS): National Council on Patient Safety

Downloadable PDF of Maternal Early Warning Signs (MEWS) Protocol

Maternal Early Warning Trigger (MEWT) Tool: Washington State Hospital Association

Maternity Watch Program

MEWT Implementation Guide & Workbook

MEWT Algorithm

MEWT Screening Tool

MEWT Escalation Plan in Rural hospital - Example A

MEWT Escalation Plan in Tertiary hospital - Example B


MEWT Screening Collection Tool

MEWT Screening Summary Review Sheet

MEWT Protocol from Dignity Health


Supporting Research

Published articles

Mhyre 2014 JOGNN (Maternal Early Warning Criteria)


Friedman 2018 AJP (Implementing Obstetric Early Warning Systems)

Shields 2016 AJOG (Use of MEWT reduces maternal morbidity)

Singh 2012 Anesthesia (A validation study of the CEMACH recommended MEOWS)

Government reports (not sure we need this)