When the Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers & Babies was created by the Department of State Health Services in 2013, it was given a very broad charge: improve outcomes for the mothers and babies of Texas, a state that accounts for 10 percent of all births in the United States. It was also given a very clear blueprint for how to do that: Bring together health and community stakeholders to develop quality improvement (QI) initiatives, implement data-driven best practices, and promote education and training. 

Our hope for our quarterly newsletter is that it will support both the specific and the broad efforts. We will explore the specific work that the Collaborative is doing, with updates on our QI initiatives, interviews with Collaborative members, and features on the health areas of greatest concern to our work. We will also focus on the broader environment in maternal and infant health in Texas and nationally. We'll highlight news articles and features on issues like Zika and maternal mortality. We'll feature new resources and curate important new research.

As we move forward with the newsletter, please work with us to make it more effective and more engaging. Every step we take together to improve the health and mothers and babies in Texas, even the smallest step, makes a difference. 


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