Maternal & Infant Health MMWRs

The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) is prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Published MMWRs aim to include “timely, reliable, authoritative, accurate, objective and useful public health information and recommendations.”

Below are selections from recent MMWRs that may be relevant to our TCHMB readers and collaborators, including “Racial and Geographic Differences in Breastfeeding – United States, 2011-2015.”

From Sept. 15, 2017 MMWR:

"QuickStats: Percentage of Women Who Missed Taking Oral Contraceptive Pills Among Women Aged 15–44 Years Who Used Oral Contraceptive Pills and Had Sexual Intercourse, Overall and by Age and Number of Pills Missed — National Survey Of Family Growth, United States, 2013–2015"


From Sept. 1, 2017 MMWR: 

"Awareness, Beliefs, and Actions Concerning Zika Virus Among Pregnant Women and Community Members — U.S. Virgin Islands, November–December 2016"

"Notes from the Field: Lead Poisoning in an Infant Associated with a Metal Bracelet — Connecticut, 2016"


From August 25, 2017 MMWR:

"CDC Grand Rounds: Newborn Screening for Hearing Loss and Critical Congenital Heart Disease"


From August 11, 2017 MMWR: 

"Notes from the Field: Zika Virus-Associated Neonatal Birth Defects Surveillance -- Texas, January 2016 - July 2017" 


From July 28, 2017 MMWR: 

"Update: Interim Guidance for Health Care Providers Caring for Pregnant Women with Possible Zika Virus Exposure -- United States (Including U.S. Territories, July 2017" 

"CDC Grand Rounds: Addressing Health Disparities in Early Childhood"


From July 21, 2017 MMWR: 

"Notes from the Field: Cronobacter sakazakii Infection Associated With Feeding Extrinsically Contaminated Expressed Human Milk to a Premature Infant -- Pennsylvania, 2016"


From July 14, 2017 MMWR:

“Racial and Geographic Differences in Breastfeeding – United States, 2011-2015”


From June 23, 2017 MMWR:

“Evaluation of Placental and Fetal Tissue Specimens for Zika Virus Infection – 50 States and District of Columbia, January – December 2016”


From June 16, 2017 MMWR:

“Trends in Breastfeeding Among Infants Enrolled in the Special Nutritional Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children – New York, 2002-2015”


From April 28, 2017 MMWR:

“Trends in Repeat Births and Use of Postpartum Contraception Among Teens – United States, 2004-2015”


From April 14, 2017 MMWR:

“QuickStats: Percentage Distribution of Gestational Age in Weeks for Infants Who Survived to Age 1 Year and Infants Who Died Before Age 1 Year – National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2014”


From April 7, 2017 MMWR:

“Vital Signs: Update on Zika Virus-Associated Birth Defects and Evaluation of All U.S. Infants with Congenital Zika Virus Exposure – U.S. Zika Pregnancy Registry, 2016”